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A documentary on children's theatre and gender roles

If a group of children in a free and equal environment were to put together a theatre play…

What kind of story would they write?

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Theatrum is a documentary focusing on gender roles during childhood and children’s ability to detach themselves from these roles, all dealt with from a feminist perspective. During a theatre workshop in a prejudice-free environment, a group of children accepts the challenge of creating a fairer society. They write a play that reveals the keys to understanding what adults cannot do because of the emotional weight of their own experiences, leaving them unable to build a better world.

It is a learning experience in two different ways. On the one hand, the workshop helps children grow freely and on the other, the documentary highlights how experience can help us move towards a more egalitarian society.

Children hold the key to understanding ourselves as well as the tools to improve ourselves.

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Lights, camera and… action!

Theatrum will be filmed in different locations of the Fabra i Coats factory complex in the Sant Andreu neighbourhood in Barcelona, with students from the Escola Can Fabra public school. As well as creating a play with a focus on gender, each child will have the chance to apply their learning to their own social and family environment.

Director, Dani Carrasco
dani carrasco

A journalist and documentary filmmaker, I have worked in the media and the 3rd sector and have directed 5 documentaries as well as making different environmental and social audiovisuals and short films.

I am thrilled to have the chance to develop Theatrum.

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